DIY Organization Done Cheap

I should have took a before and after pic. I have this drawer at home in the kitchen that had everything thrown in it. I have been on a budget and decided instead of buying drawer dividers, I would make some.

I used jewelry boxes & cereal boxes… Any boxes I had. Along with my x acto knife to cut off the tops. Then filled the drawer with the boxes and wah la!

Free organization! Great way to cut back on waste too. 🙂 and if you have time, cover them with wrapping paper. That’ll be cute. I might just spray paint mine gold. To avoid the time wasting.

I’m not that good at wrapping.


Cheerios box

A case

I will post pics if I paint mine.


2 thoughts on “DIY Organization Done Cheap

  1. I have a nasty “junk” drawer too. I think everyone does–we just don’t like to show it off because, it’s a huge mess. What’s the point of the drawer if you can never find what you need? I used to have it organized, but then I stole all of the organizers for my desk. You just reminded me that this should be on my list of things to do around the house–sort through the junk and organize the drawer! Thanks 🙂

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